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I would like to start off by saying that in all my car buying experiences, this was the most pleasant one I have ever had. I initially replied to an ad on autotrader and received a quick response from Jack to my question and an invite to come and see it. The vehicle was brought inside to stay cool before we came which is a nice treat in this Arizona desert. We took it for a test drive and fell in love with it. Jack was very knowledgable with the vehicle and showed us every feature of the vehicle. As we began to talk numbers, Jack was very helpful in preoccupying our four and five year old children with snacks, drinks, crayons, and several sheets with VW Beetles to color. We barely heard a peep from them. As we started the paperwork I began to worry since this has always been the bad part of purchasing a vehicle. The offer for my trade was very reasonable and the interest rate was great. That was the first time I have ever agreed to the very first offer given to me from a dealer. We then moved on to start the paperwork with Christian and the excellent customer service didn't stop there. While explaining the entire deal to my wife and I, he was able to offer some lunch to our kids and also entertain them by including them in the process which was very cool. Christian was very helpful with finalizing everything and before we knew it, we were done. At that time, our vehicle was outside waiting for us and we were nearly on our way. Jack had mentioned to us that if we decided to trade our 2nd vehicle in, he would be more than happy to help us out when we wanted to. My wife and I had briefly discussed the idea but didn't think that could be an option. We went ahead and browsed the lot again and after a few test drives of other brands, we decided to test drive the Volkswagen CC and fell in love with it too. By this time it was late and the kids were tired so we went home and came back the next day. When we came back, the car was already detailed and waiting inside to stay cool as we started the paperwork. Christian took care of us again and we were in and out in a flash.

My wife and I were very pleased with the service from Jack and Christian. The two were very knowledgable, helpful, professional, and extremely courteous. I will tell anyone and everyone I know that if they're in the market for a new or used vehicle, to stop by and work with both of these two professionals. Before purchasing these two vehicles, I had absolutely no faith in dealerships. I do now. SanTan VW, you have earned my business and loyalty. When I'm ready to trade in again, I will be back. Thank you!-

Manuel N.

I want to let you know that I could not have been happier with the experience I received at San Tan VW.  I was in a vehicle accident about six weeks ago and the timing could not have been worse.  It was about five days before I left for a 10 day vacation.  So, by the time I got back from my vacation my paid rental car through the insurance company had expired and the cost was coming out of my pocket.  This put even more pressure than normal on me to find a vehicle and make a decision.  Now to the actual car purchase:

I spent several days searching car dealerships for something to buy or lease.  Without going into severe detail I had felt disrespected and felt that without question a few dealerships were attempting to take major advantage of me.  Furthermore, I had nearly made a crucial mistake and bought a lemon from a dealership near you, before I had the insight to get the car checked by an independent source.  It was at this point that I made my way to your dealership.  I had two great referrals to VW as both of my sisters had leased a Jetta in the last 10 years.  However, I was in no mood to be bothered when in walks Sabrina.  Sabrina COULD NOT have dealt with me better.  Given my frustration I was less than pleasant upon my arrival to the dealership.  Sabrina came out, got my temperature, and was insightful enough to leave me be for a few minutes.  However, when I was finally ready to discuss things I was highly impressed with both her knowledge of all your vehicles, models, specifications, etc as well as her honesty in what she recommended and why.  She spent a bunch of time with me, including giving me a test drive in the vehicle she recommended.  I want to make it clear that if I had not had the experience that I had with Sabrina I WOULD NOT be driving a VW right now.  She was excellent and you are fortunate to have her on your sales team.  I also want to thank John V (that was all the information I was given) for having the respect to come out and ask me if I had any quesitons after running some general financial paperwork regarding lease costs.  I had come to find that the back financing room at car dealerships is the room you fear.  John appearing in my cube and asking me any questions was the equivalent of seeing the wizard behind the curtain.  I was so impressed and appreciative that the financing process was not a mystery like at most dealerships.  Finally the next day I came in to find that Sabrina, unfortunately, was not yet working.  By this time I had made up my mind and was ready to make my purchase.  This is where Jack stepped in effortlessly and ushered me through the final process.  Jack showed me the car again with my mother present and was just as knowledgable while filling her in on all the bells and whistles.  Jack put no pressure as I decided whether to start the purchase process or wait awhile longer.  Finally, once I decided to make the purchase Jack was excellent in showing me all my financial options, running several scenerios for me, inclduing, leasing, buying, certain dollars down, etc.  Lastly, I had to get to work and everyone involved in the process from Jack, the finance team, whoever you sign the papers with, and your detailing team all stepped up in an effort to get me out as quickly as possible so that I could make it to work.  However, I also want it noted that Jack still took the time to ask, on several occasions, if the process was going to quickly and if I had questions.  He also answered any and all questions I had once I was in the drivers seat and then I was on my way.  Overall I could not have been more thrilled with your entire team at San Tan VW.  I especially owe thanks to Sabrina for her effort and patience on day one.  I can guarantee you that with the honesty, professionalism and kindness I received from your staff you have earned a lifelong customer.  Please, thank all of those noted for their effort and all that they did for me.


James M

On October 4, my husband and I purchased a Golf TDI 2012 from your dealership in Gilbert.  As you know, a car search can be  a very exhausting and stressful experience as one tries to decide on a car that is the best suited for them with regard to style, price, reliability etc.  I am writing this letter to express our pleasure at the way we were treated by your dealership.  Jack Rasmussen and Ronald Sund were the sales guys that we dealt with and they were awesome.   We found them to be very professional, knowledgeable, and willing to spend lots of time with us as we tried to make our decision.   We didn't feel pressured in any way which was refreshing.  Jack and Ronnie answered all of our questions and are continuing to do so as we learn all about the tech package that we purchased with this model. They are an asset to your organization.  We are firm believers in giving positives when they are due.  We feel we got a quality vehicle and one that fits our needs.  I would also like to acknowledge the support staff such as Becky, in service, who was cordial and dealt efficiently with a couple of issues that we had, as well as, Mike who put us at ease with regard to the sound quality of the speakers.

We would also like to commend you on the building design and the work environment for the employees and the welcoming atmosphere for the customer. It was so nostalgic for us to relive our youth when we saw the original Beetle at your show room since we also were proud Bug owners, as well as, a VW Polo.  We have full confidence that our new TDI will be more reliable that our original bug (6 volt battery).The car service area was quite impressive with cleanliness, efficiency, and high tech.

Thanks again for the customer support.

Michael and Susan

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